PadovArts Center – a place for beauty and wonder…

Siamo onorati di informarvi che Barabao Teatro e The School for Theatre Creators by Paola Coletto daranno inizio a un meraviglioso progetto:

PadovArts Center

A vibrant hub for artists from all over the world, where both professionals and non-professionals of all ages and backgrounds come to study, collaborate, create and connect.

The Center offers professional training, seminars, meetings, performances, cultural events, exhibitions and programming.

Whether you’re looking to train professionally or simply want to experience the impact  the arts can have on your life, the center has something to offer. The engine of the Center is for now:

PadovArts Academy

We are delighted to announce the opening of PadovArts Academy our new International School of Performing Arts that will open its doors in October 2021.

An evolution of The School for Theatre Creators, founded in Chicago in 2012 by Paola Coletto, PadovArts Academy is a collaboration between The School and Barabao Teatro, a professional touring company based in Padova with 20 years of experience in creating, producing and performing original shows.

As a result of this collaboration, the students will gain insight into the real day to day workings of a successful theater company and will benefit from the practical experience of also creating, producing and performing while led by the expertise that the company brings to their mentorship. This, in addition to our rigorous training program, will better prepare them for a full life in the arts.

Please, enter the site to see our 2021/2022 Program, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions